How to Fry Chicken in an Electric Skillet

How to Fry Chicken in an Electric Skillet? Easy Skillet-Fried Chicken Recipe

How to Fry Chicken in an Electric SkilletNothing tastes as delicious as a skillet-fried chicken. Kids love to eat it with dip sauce, while adults think of it as a quick meal. Sometimes, you are tired and not in a mood to spend hours in the kitchen. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a delicious cuisine ready for yourself. Whether you crave crispy fried chicken in summer or winter, an electric skillet is a handy kitchen appliance. It lets you grab a perfect fried chicken whose coating won’t stick to the pan, thanks to the nonstick surface.
For chef-style frying of crispy chicken, I’m going to share an easy fried chicken recipe. This post will share an easy guide if you are wondering how to fry chicken in an electric skillet.

Before trying a skillet-fried chicken, you need to look at a list of ingredients. Grab them from the grocery store and start making something mouth-watering. This fry pan chicken recipe is best for a 6-person serving. And the time required to make it less than one hour.
Half cup all-purpose flour
6-8 thigh chicken pieces
1-teaspoon salt
1-tablespoon paprika
1-teaspoon pepper
vegetable oil
How to Pan fry Chicken in an Electric skillet
Here are some steps you need to follow:
Step No.1 Wash the Chicken- First of all, you need to wash the chicken and pat dry it.
Step No.2 Marination – If you have time, you should marinate chicken for at least an hour. However, this recipe will work when you are in a hurry. Don’t have time for marination? Take a knife and make a one-inch cut in every piece. These cuts will remain on the surface and help in quick marination. All the spices will go deep in chicken pieces, and you will have a better taste.
Take a shallow bowl and mix pepper, salt, and paprika.
Now start tapping this mixture on the top and bottom of every chicken piece. Use hands for perfect mixing. Let it give one minute for the setting.
Now you will take flour on a plate and start coating it on the chicken. Keep marinated chicken aside.
Step No.3 Cooking – If you own a 12-inch electric skillet, you can fry two chicken thigh pieces simultaneously. Don’t overcrowd the pan, as this action will remove all the coating from your chicken. And you won’t get the results you are looking for.

Pour 1.5 cups of vegetable oil in pain.
Start heating the oil pan at medium level; you can set the temperature knob at 325 degrees Fahrenheit. Within 10 minutes, heat will spread evenly.
Add two pieces of chicken to the medium-size skillet. You need to cook the piece for at least 10 minutes. Turn the side and make sure that both sides get the same time and heat level. You need to fry chicken until light brown at 300 degrees F.
Cover the chicken with the lid and cook until chicken juice gets clear—Cook pieces for at least 20 minutes at low or 165 degrees F.
Your skillet-fried chicken is ready; transfer it to a platter.
It will take less than an hour to fry all pieces, don’t forget to invite everyone to enjoy this delicious pan-frying chicken.
Essential Points to Keep in mind while pan-frying chicken in Electric Skillets
The most important thing to check at this point is whether your electric skillet is suitable for frying or not. If it has deep walls, you can shallow fry chicken in it. When it’s flat with a 1.5 inches wall, you better not go with a deep frying fan instead.
You can go with chest pieces, but thigh pieces are juicy, and they offer crispy and juicy meals.
Never heat oil at a high level above 325 degrees F because it will burn your chicken.
Don’t fry more than two pieces in an electric skillet of medium size. If you have a mini skillet, fry only one piece. Leave some space in the skillet; if you won’t, then the skillet-fried chicken coating will be affected.

How long does it take to fry chicken in an electric skillet?
You can fry chicken in less than 30 minutes.
What should be the temperature setting for frying pan chicken in a skillet?
You need to set the temperature at 325 degrees Fahrenheit for heating oil, cook chicken, keep the temperature at medium like 250 degrees F. After 20-minute frying, cover the pan and keep the temperature at a low 165 degrees F.

Now you have got an idea of how to fry chicken in an electric skillet through my recipe. You can enjoy this chicken with ketchup or dip sauce. Don’t forget to make a yummy salad.

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