Best Small Electric Skillet Reviews

Top 7 Best Small Electric Skillet Reviews -Cook Food without Guessing and Messing Around

Do you hate it when the oil splatter during frying deteriorates the paints of your kitchen walls? Do you often burn your steak on the stove? If the answer is yes, you aren’t the only one going through the same problem, and the solution is to start searching for the best small electric skillet.

No one likes oil splatter on skin and walls, but this thing is unavoidable when you are frying food on the stove. It’s a fact that one needs to guess the heat level while cooking steak and other food on the stove. You can’t be good at guessing all the time, so you better put your mind at rest and rely on an innovative kitchen appliance known as an electric skillet. This self-reliant cooking pan lets you set the heat at a desirable level and then cover the pan with a snug lid. This tight lid keeps oil and liquid splatter inside the pan, so you won’t have to spend hours cleaning the cooking mess later.

Investment in a mini electric skillet will offer you the best returns as you can use this cooking device to try a variety of food. A single person can make the most of this small cooking pan by making sandwiches, soup, fried fish/chicken, donuts, and much more. A skillet won’t take much counter space, and its compact design makes it easy to store. Diet-conscious people can travel alongside this electronic device, so they can easily keep up with their healthy diet schedule instead of relying on fast food during their trip.

What is a Mini Electric Skillet?

A small electric skillet is a kitchen appliance with a self-reliance heating element. It’s precisely like a pan with a snug lid. It is an electrical device, so you plug it in to start the healing process. You can cook a variety of food in this skillet that allows you to control the pan’s temperature and make your favorite cuisines at a consistent heat level. A mini electric skillet is usually of small size and due to its compact design, one can store it easily.

5 Best Reasons to Make Your Mind About a Mini Electric Skillet

  1. Avoid Cooking Mess: An electric skillet is designed with a tight lid that keeps steam and heat inside and circulates it thoroughly, so food cooks faster. As you cover the food, liquid splatter from food won’t create a mess around and make the cleaning process a breeze. You love using a mini skillet for frying chicken, donuts, and fish. Oil splatter doesn’t land on your walls and skin. If you don’t like to absorb oil and aroma from food, grab a skillet to make your cooking experience enjoyable rather than a mess.
  2. Beat the heat of summer- During Summer, you don’t want to overheat your kitchen. So, keep your kitchen’s heat regular with this innovative kitchen appliance. You can set the temperature and cook anything you like without sweating too much.
  3. Temperature-Control: Another reason for buying an electric skillet is getting full control over the temperature. You don’t know the exact temperature level with a stovetop, so eliminate the element of guess from cooking by buying a small electric skillet.
  4. Additional cooking space: When you have a big party at home, your stove and oven remain booked with the main course. Investment in this plan helps you deal with snacks and other food courses. You can add extra cooking space and prepare party food on time.
  5. Portable: The best thing about a small electric skillet is that this kitchen appliance can go with you wherever you go. Its compact design allows you to tuck it inside any bag and take it with you during camping and summer vacations. Making your favorite food on-the-move will be quite convenient.

Top 7 Best Small Electric Skillet Reviews

Elite Gourmet Low Wattage Personal Electric Skillet

  • 650 Watts Motor
  • Even Heat Distribution
  • Maxi-Matic Elite Electric Skillet

  • Compact Design
  • PFOA-Free Non-stick Coating
  • Lightweight Nesco Electric Skillet

  • Easy to Read Temp
  • Dishwasher-Safe Lid
  • Proctor-Silex 38526 Electric Skillet

  • 144 cooking surface
  • Weight: 4.89 lbs
  • Electric Skillet with Cool Knob

  • Perfect Size for Traveling
  • Versatile cooking experience
  • Nostalgia Dual-Sided Mini Skillet

  • Pre-heat Light Indicator
  • Suitable for making buns
  • Black Brentwood Non-Stick Electric Skillet

  • Suitable for high-low cooking
  • Make Portion-Control meals
  • 1.Elite Gourmet Low Wattage Personal Electric Skillet

    Elite Gourmet Low Wattage Personal Electric Skillet


    Do you need a stylish addition to your kitchen? Go and grab this personal nonstick electric skillet designed with a glass vented lid. This 8.5 inches skillet won’t capture much space on your countertop but never make any performance compromise. You can’t understand it because of its size as it offers even heat level as a big size pan can do.

    It requires 650W of power, so people searching for a low wattage mini skillet can rely on it. Whether you are living in a dorm or RV, this energy-efficient cooking device will help you enjoy fluffy pancakes for breakfast and yummy stir-fried veggies at dinner.

    This powerful fan heats up rapidly and allows you to cook food at a consistent heat level. The steam vent of the tempered glass lid has a cool knob, so you can handle the pot without burning your hands.

    Pan is deep enough to make soup for a single person. When it comes to cleaning, you can put the lid in the dishwasher while wiping the base of the pan clean with hand wash. As the pot is designed with a PFOA-free nonstick surface, cleaning will be a tireless experience.

    Its user-friendly design brings on/off switches, no need to deal with elaborate displays. So, a non-techy user can use it with extra convenience. Although it doesn’t bring any temperature controls, you will know how to deal with this issue once you start using this pan.

    If you have concerns about this electrical device, don’t worry because the manufacturer is ready to have your back by offering a worry-free one year warranty.

    • Easy to use
    • Attractive Design
    • Cooling knob
    • Rapid and Even-Heat level
    • 5-inch compact design
    • Low-Wattage Requires
    • Easy to Clean
    • compact size, suitable for small spaces
    • 1-year Warranty
    • Not Deep enough
    • It doesn’t have any temperature control

    2.7-inch Maxi-Matic Elite Electric Skillet

    Maxi-Matic Elite Electric Skillet


    Are you looking for the best rated small electric skillets? You should check one from Maxi-Matic. People love to grab this pan, especially when they are planning to go camping. With its compact 7”x7” size, tucking it in a backplane won’t be hard. You can cook a delicious scrambled egg and cheese sandwich for a couple with it. This small cooking pan is efficient enough, though. It heats up fast and reduces the cooking time of steam and fish, keep its cover on all the time for even heat distribution and making the meat tender.

    When it comes to cleaning, you don’t have to go through any hassle because nonstick surfaces need just one wipe. No more scrubbing! If you are into detailed cooking, then remove its handle and deep clean pot before next use.

    The best thing about this Single-serving kitchen pot is its temperature control; you can adjust the temperature as per food requirement.

    • Small compact size, ideal for single-serving dish
    • Adjustable temperature control
    • Removable handle for detailed cleaning
    • Tempered glass lid for see-through cooking style
    • cool-touch knob for easy handling
    • Nonstick cooking surface for quick leaning
    • Stamping impressions on the pan are hard and sharp.
    • Sometimes, it gets scorching, even at the lowest settings.

    3.Lightweight Nesco Electric Skillet with Safety vent


    If you need a lightweight cooking device for keeping in your dorm, think of buying this stylish black electric skillet from Nesco. It is deep, so you can use it for frying fish and making a chicken roast.

    In my personal opinion, you can’t cook soup fast in a 7-inch pan because you have limited space. So, when you are into a mini skillet, certainly 8 inches is a good option as it’s neither too large to cover too much space nor too small to make you give up on food variety.

    This versatile electric skillet allows you to have temperature flexibility. Set temperature and remove the guesswork from your cooking. There is a safety vent on a sturdy glass lid to have a food spill issue anytime.

    Through its stay-cool handle, moving pot around would be a great convenience. You can’t put the pot in the dishwasher, though the glass lid is dishwasher safe.

    • Beautiful Black Design
    • Easy to Use
    • Safety vent on the lid
    • Light Weight
    • Stay-Cool Handle
    • Not Dishwasher Safe
    • The temperature doesn’t match the actual heat.

    4. Proctor-Silex 38526 Electric Skillet, Black


    If you need a small electric skillet to cook a variety of food, you can’t keep your eyes off Proctor Silex. This 144-inch square-shaped electric skillet offers enough space for cooking steak, chicken, and fish. You can change its heat settings from warm 200 degrees F to up to 400 degrees F.

    As soon as you turn it on, it will start getting hot. You can enjoy all the benefits of a frying pan from this electrical device, which won’t create a mess around due to its dishwasher safe glass lid. It locks the pot tightly so oil splatter doesn’t escape from the fan. With its cool-touch handles, you won’t have to experience accidental burns.

    With its two-in-one design, you can use this skillet either to prepare food or to keep your food warm during buffet or dinner serving.

    • lightweight
    • Easy to Clean
    • Inexpensive
    • Adjustable heat
    • Cool-touch handles
    • Dishwasher safe
    • It doesn’t last longer than a Year
    • There is no light indicator

    5.6 inch Toastmaster Electric Skillet with Cool Knob

    Electric Skillet with Cool Knob


    During your RV road trip, you always need a lightweight skillet to deal with your on-the-road cravings. In that scenario, nothing works faster and efficiently than this small electric skillet from Toastmaster. This 6-inch black electrical pot heats up quite quickly. This compact design is only 2.5 pounds so that one can carry it around effortlessly.

    You can cook various foods for your dinner and breakfast, such as grilled cheese sandwiches, bacon, sausages, eggs, and soup. Once done with cooking, everyone worries about cleaning. However, cleaning is a hassle-free task with its removable locking handle and nonstick surface.

    It is one of the best small electric skillets for small space. Storing a six-inch pan inside your drawer won’t be a big challenge.

    • Compact and Cute Design
    • Easy to Clean/Use
    • Durable tempered glass lid
    • No temperature control
    • Cool-touch knob for safety purpose
    • under-carriage gets hot
    • No Vent in the lid
    • Doesn’t Heat very Evenly

    6.Nostalgia Dual-Sided Mini Skillet


    People who love to make various foods such as fried eggs, cheesy toast (available grilled cheese), quesadillas, mini burgers, and pancakes should invest money in this mini skillet from Nostalgia.

    This cute little cooking machine can help you make delicious food quickly.

    Its dual-sided cooking surface allows you to make buns and cheese sandwich easily. Its cool-touch handle makes the device safe around kids. There are a power and heat light that tells you when it’s time to start cooking.

    So, when you need efficient and consistent cooking results, rely on this lightweight and compact design.

    • Best for making a variety of food
    • Work fast and nice
    • Lightweight
    • Attractive design
    • Dual-Sided Cooking surface
    • Safe to use with cool-touch handles
    • Sometimes, it gets boiling, so be careful
    • Not Suitable for making eggs

    7.Black Brentwood Non-Stick Electric Skillet

    If you want to save money on food shopping on-the-go, invest money in an electric skillet. A low-energy consuming device from Brentwood would heat up fast and help you make crispy pancakes in the lunch. And your dinner will have another variety of choices. It is designed for seniors, truckers, vacation, and work travel purposes.

    You can lock the handle and move the port from one place to another. So, make food inside your RV and enjoy it in a garden without getting it cold. The tempered glass lid allows you to see the food without removing the lid designed with a cool-touch handle for user-safety.

    You can wash the lid in the dishwasher, but the pot is only hand-wash safe. But no need to worry; its nonstick coating doesn’t require any harsh scrubbing.

    • Space-Saving Design
    • Suitable for on-the-go meal planning
    • Easy Cleaning Process, dishwasher safe lid
    • Adjust heat for a variety of food
    • The pot heats up fast, cools down very slow.
    • Lid Seal isn’t good enough.
    • No Light Indicator

    How To Choose a Small Electric Skillet? Buying Guide

    As soon as you start exploring the market, you will get exposed to many electric skillet options. Before you finalize any deal, it’s vital to understand what factors to consider for making the right choice. You will get confused when looking into varied designs, styles, and features, so check this electric skillet buying guide.


    These days, you can find skillets in various shapes such as rectangular, oblong, and circular. You can pick a shape that you like. If you plan to make sandwiches, steak, and fish, a rectangular pan is undoubtedly the right choice. However, it would help if you had a circular shape for frying chicken and donuts. Pick a shape as per your cooking requirements. Another fact to keep in mind is the space you get from a particular shape. Rectangular and oblong offers more cooking space than circular ones. A single person can go circular, but a couple should prefer two other shapes.


    Another thing to look into is the material used to make small electric skillets. Commonly, people go with the aluminum-made pan as it heats up well and lasts longer. An aluminum-made pan has a non-stick coating; these features make the pan easy to clean. In case you don’t mind paying extra bucks, go with stainless steel as they look great and offer the best value for the best. Although you can have your hands on a cooper made a pan, but mostly brand gives Coppertone to a pan instead of making a pan with 100 percent cooper. So, you better go with either stainless steel or aluminum.

    Temperature Control Range

    People buy inexpensive mini electric skillets only to save money. One problem with this skillet is its basic settings. You can’t customize temperature as per cooking requirements. It’s better to spend the extra money and get a better temperature control option. Some cooking pans offer to heat up to 400-degree heat, but you can get one with up to 450 degrees as well. If you need custom temperature control, be ready to spend extra dollars for it. Another great heat-related option is, “Keep warm.” Once the food is prepared, you can turn on its warm setting so that food is serviceable.

    Other Features

    You can seek other features based on your cooking style. If you are more in frying food and casserole baking, indeed, a deep small electric skillet is the right choice. Some people love to make soups every other day, so a transparent glass lid pan could be the ultimate choice.

    Easy to Clean

    When you have a non-stick pan, cleaning is quick and straightforward. However, other features also contribute to various other factors. People who don’t like hand-washing can buy a dishwasher-safe-skillet. For quick cleaning, look for a skillet with detachable parts.

    Design and Build

    You need to dig deep into the shape and design of the pan, lid, and handle to find out whether an investment in a small electric skillet is worth it or not. A handle must have ergonomically designed to offer you better hold. However, one thing you can’t make a compromise on is the heat-resistance of the handle. If the handle isn’t heat resistant, the chances of getting accidental burns increase.

    A steam vent on the lid is another must-have feature. You can avoid liquid spilling from the side easily through this vent. The shape of the lid also matters. A high dome lid offers more cooking space. Check the thickness of the pan’s bottom as well. A thin bottom doesn’t distribute heat as evenly as a thick one; therefore, always go with a thick bottom pan.


    The best mini electric skillet with a lid is one that can bring excellent performance. Now the question is what factors add to its performance. The first thing that defines performance is the consistent heat level. The main reason people prefer electric skillet over stovetops is their consistent heat level. Therefore, you need to double-check small electric skillet reviews. See, what people are talking about is its heat level. If a pan offers uneven heat, skip it and move to another one.

    Another thing that would affect its performance is its non-stick coating. It would help if you bought a pan whose layer is safe for cooking and last longer than a few rounds of cooking. Check what industry standards a brand follows to make this cooking last a very long time.

    Warranty and Service

    As you know, a mini skillet is an electric appliance that’s prone to problems and issues. Thereby, you should check whether the brand offers any warranty. A glass lid is breakable, and you might not get any warranty for it. However, you will get another warranty. Read carefully to find out what parts are covered and what’s not.

    Another thing to look closely at is after-sale services. Some manufacturers sell products and don’t care about customers afterward. So, it would help if you read reviews of mini electric skillets to figure out whether a brand offers good customer service or not.

    Final Thought

    A small electric skillet is undoubtedly the best cooking device for a solo person. I have shared details of the top 10 best small electric skillets you can find in the market. You have known about their plus and negative points as well. So, my comprehensive buying guide would allow you to make the right decision. Next time you go shopping for a skillet, you would know what factors to consider. Try finding a pan whose performance is excellent, and investment in it would pay you to return for a long time. Make a list of features you need, and then find a pan that suits your food needs and requirements. Don’t forget to pack this skillet with you on your next expedition, as it will let you serve your tummy with a delicious meal from time to time.

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