The best electric skillet is certainly the versatile kitchen appliance that lets you cook chef-style food at home. Its user can put this electric pan to its best use, from making fluffy pancakes to frying juicy, crispy fried chicken. Besides, many skillets make a combo with accessories so you can cook, bake, roast, or grill in the same pan. Even better, use this skillet to make nourishing soup.

The market is saturated with a wide variety of electric skillets. An extra-large skillet is meant to deal with significant family needs. Mini skillets are designed for confined spaces like RVs, dorms, and small apartments. As tons of the best electric skillet brands are there, it’s wiser to review our complete buying guide that lets you pick the one that matches your requirement. Another easy option is to explore both positive and negative aspects of the best buy electric skillet, choose one from a ready list.

How Does an Electric Skillet Work?

An electric skillet is a cooking appliance, precisely like a frying pan in your kitchen. It comprises a heating element, pan, thermostat, and lid. It converts electric power into heat, and it’s how you can cook whatever you like.

As soon as you plug in the skillet, it starts heating up, and you can set a specific temperature level from its thermal probe. A skillet can hold a steady and consistent temperature than a traditional oven and stove top. Besides, it releases less heat than ovens.

Thereby, using an electric skillet makes your life more comfortable in the blazing hot summer. You can cook your favorite fluffy pancake or deep fry chicken or fish without burning yourself. Cooking time on an electric skillet is lesser than a cooktop, so you can cook faster and get the same taste as you have on a stovetop.

Top 11 Electric Skillet Reviews

Zojirushi EP-RAC50 Gourmet d'Expert

  • Titanium-ceramic Flat plate
  • 1-year limited Warranty
  • Presto 16-inch Grey Ceramic Coated

  • 8.5 Pounds
  • Ceramic Nonstick Surface
  • Cooper Chef 12 inch Buffet Purpose Skillet

  • Even heat distribution
  • Heavy-Duty Design
  • Presto 16-inch Skillet for Frying

  • Made of Aluminium
  • Warp-Proof Coating
  • Dash 14-inch Red-Rapid Heat Electric Skillet

  • Detachable Electric Probe
  • Easy Cleanup
  • Moss and Stone Non-Stick 12-inch Electric Skillet

  • Glass Lid with Steam Vent
  • Temp control:200 to 425 degrees F
  • Home Craft 6-inch Electric Skillet for Pancakes

  • 6-inch Cooking Surface
  • Portable
  • Kitchen Cooper 15-inch Ceramic Electric Skillet

  • PFOA- and PTFE-free
  • 5-Temperature Settings
  • Zojirushi Multi-Functional Gourmet Electric Skillet

  • Made of Stainless Steel
  • Recipes Included
  • Cucina Pro 3-in-1 Electric Skillet

  • 3-in-1 Interchangeable Skillet
  • Dishwasher-Safe plates
  • Bella 12-inch Nonstick Electric Skillet

    1. Zojirushi EP-RAC50 Gourmet d’Expert

    Zojirushi EP-RAC50 Gourmet d'Expert


    Do you want to know about the best electric skillet ever? It’s time to check the details of a multi-functional electric skillet designed by an expert by Zojirushi. This skillet unlocks Triple plates. One plate is Titanium-ceramic nonstick-coated and suitable for grilling fish, chicken, pancaking, etc.

    The second dish is a deep electric skillet that lets its user make soup, fondue, stir-fried rice, and try many other best electric skillet recipes. The third dish is an adjustable-height steaming plate. Do you want something else? Hope not.

    You can cook food quite well on this electric skillet as it lets you set the temperature from 175 to 480 degrees Fahrenheit. Usually, when you read reviews of the highest rated electric skillet, you get an idea that most of them only offer a maximum 450 degrees Fahrenheit heat level.

    However, Zojirushi is an exception to bring more heat while running only on 1350 watts. You can keep food warm at the lowest temperature on this appliance.

    • Multi-functional kitchen appliance
    • Steaming plate included
    • Keep Warm Function
    • Up to 480-degree temp adjustment
    • Easy to Clean
    • Stay-cool side handles
    • The deep pan can be used on a stove burner
    • Uneven heat distribution

    2.Presto 16-inch Grey Ceramic Coated Electric Skillet

    Presto 16-inch Grey Ceramic Coated Electric Skillet


    Do you need an excellent kitchen appliance for your home? Go with this 16-inch Ceramic coated electric skillet from Presto. The first reason is that this roomy rectangular skillet is going to be a life-saver during summer. If you live in an apartment where the kitchen welcomes ambient temperature, you can give yourself some heat relief through it. Last but not least, it’s one of the top-rated electric skillets on the market.

    The users of this skillet make it clear that you can use it for making a variety of products. Whether you are into frying, roasting, baking, or grilling, this one-pan is good enough for all such tasks.

    As far as the look is concerned, indeed, this Presto Ceramic surface pan has an attractive finish and touch. It would bring some aesthetic appeal to your dining table- if you use it as a platter. This high wall jumbo electric skillet offers good serving and cooking capacity. The warp-proof heavy cast aluminum vows about its durability.

    • Easy to Clean Surface
    • Versatile
    • Attractive design, Sturdy build
    • Extra-large capacity
    • Rapid and even heating element
    • Not suitable for Dorm
    • Nonstick Surface doesn’t last long

    3. Cooper Chef 12 inch Buffet Purpose Skillet

    If you plan to buy a skillet that can serve dual purposes, go with one from Copper Chef. You can bake some biscuits and cookies. After removing its stainless-steel solid base, use, cooper tray for serving your ready meal to guests.

    The best thing about this skillet is that it’s safe to keep inside the oven or on your stove. So, when you don’t find any good pan to fry or bake your favorite meal, you can readily go with this one.

    A quick look at its construction makes it clear that investment in this ceramic skillet would pay you to return in the long run. Pan has exclusive Cooper Chef’s nonstick coating that won’t wear off fast. Its stainless steel is removable. This 12-inch square-shaped pan would offer sufficient space to cook meals. You can’t easily adjust 3-pieces of chicken in this pan.

    Although Copper Chef skillet can withstand oven heat, yet it’s relatively lightweight. Transferring it from kitchen to dining table won’t hurt your hands at all.

    • Light-weight
    • 60-Day money-back guarantee
    • Include a cookbook with 60 recipes
    • Suitable for big gathering and buffet
    • Nonstick coating makes cleaning easier
    • 12-inch square pan suitable for a 4-person family
    • Detachable thermostat controller
    • It doesn’t get too hot

    4. Presto 16-inch Skillet for Frying


    Do you need the best electric skillet for deep frying? It’s good to pay full attention to this 16-inch electric skillet from Presto. Its 16-inch heavy cast aluminum base is quite durable and covered by an Evernu cover. The high dome design of the cover, 16-inch pan base, and high side walls make this pan perfect for deep frying big cut chicken, bacon, fish, or meat.

    When you read Presto electric skillet reviews, people like their deluxe nonstick finish inside out, and you will find the same finish with this Presto 06850 mode. As you can see in other models, the lid isn’t glass, but this cover is dent, bend, peel, and warp proof. Even its base is nonstick and warp proof. So, you are making your mind about a product that won’t chip off fast, like cheap electric skillets.

    Its excellent finish and nonstick coating make the skillet’s cleaning process super quick. Just remove the heating element and fully immerse the pan and lid in water. You won’t have to worry about heat level as the automatic Control heat master automatically maintains heat level.

    • High Side Walls, Deep Electric Skillet
    • Big Family Capacity
    • Easy to Clean
    • Dent-Proof Lid
    • Warp-Proof Base
    • Dishwasher-Safe
    • There is no vent in the lid
    • Small temperature dial make adjustment difficult

    5.Dash 14-inch Red-Rapid Heat Electric Skillet

    Dash 14-inch Red-Rapid Heat Electric Skillet


    One big problem faced by every other user of an electric skillet is the slow heating mechanism. However, when you read Dash Electric Skillet Reviews,you find out that customers like the speed with which these skillets heat up. Sometimes, you are in a hurry and can’t wait too much. In that scenario, a rapid-heat electric skillet would best serve your needs.

    This 14-inch rapid skillet from Dash has an attractive red-black color combination. It will indeed become an excellent addition to your kitchen appliance. Its Ceramic nonstick resistance cooking surface has a 2.5-inch depth. This circular shape pan lets you saute, stew, and cook a variety of food. Its traditional thermostat allows you to set heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

    There is a tempered glass lid, so you can review your cooking progress without letting heat escape. Cool-touch handles make it easy for you to transfer the pan from the kitchen to the dining table without burning your hands.

    For cleaning purposes, you can remove both the electric probe and cord. Since the pan requires 1400 watts, it would offer a powerful heat – no more cold spots.

    • Rapid Heating Pan
    • Beautiful Color-Combo and Outlook
    • Ceramic nonstick coating
    • Cool-Touch handles
    • Tempered Glass Lid
    • There is no vent in the lid
    • Not Suitable for deep frying

    6. Moss and Stone Non-Stick 12-inch Electric Skillet

    Moss and Stone Non-Stick 12-inch Electric Skillet


    The fuss-free design of this 12-inch electric skillet from Moss and Stone is certainly an excellent choice for every lazy person who doesn’t like scrubbing for hours. The skillet’s sturdy base gets two nonstick coatings, and if one wears off, then the second is there to keep you out of every sticky business.

    Many of us find it hard to remove fat or grease during cooking chicken and meat. So, a comfort cushion comes from this well-designed skillet’s tilt leg. This smart leg will kick all oil and fat out most conveniently.

    Whether you need the best electric skillet for pancakes or making delicious stir-fried rice, this 12-inch pan from Moss and Stone Store would make it easy for you. The ergonomically-design handle of the pan offers a firm grip. Serving meals to your guests in this nice-looking platter will become pretty simple as handles are entirely heat-resistant.

    The transparent glass lid is designed with a steam vent, so you can blow off all the food steam and get the desirable juicy taste.

    • Suitable for Frying
    • Easy to Clean
    • No Smoke
    • Double Non-Stick Coating
    • Tilt leg for quick grease release
    • Heat-Resistant large Handles
    • Skillet isn’t dishwasher-Safe
    • It doesn’t stay hot for long

    7.Home Craft 6-inch Electric Skillet for Pancakes

    Home Craft 6-inch Electric Skillet for Pancakes


    When you make a travel plan, you always like to grab a portable skillet so that making pancakes, sausages, and omelet on-the-move is not a trouble. In that scenario, you should consider buying one of the best rated electric skillets from Home Craft.

    Its 6-inch cooking surface heats up pretty fast and requires little power. Making a delicious and free of cost breakfast in your RVs, dorm, and small kitchen will become a simple job with this mini kitchen appliance.

    As it’s only 6-inch in diameter, taking this light-weight cooking appliance with you won’t be a problem. Once cooking is done, cooking will be a breeze due to its non-stick coating and removable thermostat.

    Don’t worry about safety as the pan brings its tempered glass lid.

    Based on a specific recipe’s requirement, adjusting temperature won’t be a problem through its efficient thermostat. Cool-touch handles making the whole handling experience painless.

    • Compact Design
    • Light-weight and portable
    • Suitable for Small Spaces
    • Even heat distribute
    • Easy Wipe Cleaning
    • Adjustable temperature
    • Removable handles
    • The handle is difficult to attach
    • Poor manual instructions

    8. Kitchen Cooper 15-inch Ceramic Electric Skillet

    Kitchen Cooper 15-inch Ceramic Electric Skillet


    If you are out in the market to find an electric skillet for frying, you should consider getting this 15-inch pan with non-stick ceramic surfaces for easy cleaning. When it comes to frying, no one likes the mess that oil splatter creates. Thereby, it’s good to rely on an electric skillet that covers tightly with a tempered glass lid.

    You don’t have to worry about getting food burned as you can do food monitoring from the glass. With its manual temperature probe, you can do four temperature settings from 194-410 degrees Fahrenheit.

    When it comes to cleaning, remove the heating element and hand wash this skillet, as you can’t fully immerse it in water. The best thing about buying a nonstick pan is healthier cooking as you can cook food without fat and oil.

    • Large Family Capacity
    • Suitable for Variety of Meals
    • Easy to clean surface
    • Easy to use
    • 4 Temperature Setting
    • Tempered glass lid
    • Not dishwasher-Safe
    • You may experience cold/hot spots

    9. Zojirushi Multi-Functional Gourmet Electric Skillet

    Zojirushi Multi-Functional Gourmet Electric Skillet


    Do you need a large cooking pan for grilling? It’s good to grab a top-rated electric Skillet from Zojirushi. Nothing can offer the best multifunctional skillet like this electric skillet brand. You can use this pan for sauteing, grilling, and even stewing.

    The ceramic cooking surface of the pan gets titanium coating for a long-lasting finish and durability. There is a thermostat controller to set temperature from 176 degrees Fahrenheit to 430 degrees Fahrenheit. You can use this pan to make fluffy pancakes or keep food warm before serving it to your respected guest. It’s also among cooks illustrated best electric skillets.

    Its stay-cool handle makes pot transfer easy and burn-free. Keeping an eye on your meal progress is made simpler through its tempered glass lid.

    For cleaning, remove its heating element and cord and wash this pan in a care-free manner. There is a detailed instructional manual in the pack so that getting used to this multifunctional device won’t be a challenge in your life.

    • Rapid heating mechanism
    • The cooking pan can be used over the stovetop
    • Tempered glass for food monitoring
    • Suitable for 6-person family use
    • Light-weight, Good for traveling/camping use
    • Keep Warm Function
    • Unreliable non-stick heating

    10.Cucina Pro 3-in-1 Electric Skillet

    Cucina Pro 3-in-1 Electric Skillet


    Sometimes you need a skillet to make pancakes so that a flat base would work great. Other times, you need a deep pot to cook a delicious soup. And what about making some dessert. So, if you are on the hunt for a 3-in-1 style skillet, then have a look at the highest-rated electric skillet from CucinaPro.

    Its flat plate lets you make fluffy pancakes in the morning. From the preparation of Takoyaki to the baking of desserts and cookies, this interchangeable electric skillet would bring multiple options to your daily menu. You can even make soft cupcakes with it.

    You won’t have to worry about cleaning the mess after cooking, as its nonstick surface makes the cleaning process simple and easy.

    • Multifunctional electric skillet
    • Suitable for dessert and baking
    • Easy to Clean
    • Simple to use
    • Excellent Takoyaki maker
    • Takes Less Storage Space
    • The plate’s backside is difficult to clean

    11.Bella 12-inch Nonstick Electric Skillet

    Bella 12-inch Nonstick Electric Skillet


    When your heart can settle only for a durable and portable electrical skillet, you should buy this 12-inch black electric skillet from Bella. You can carry it with you and enjoy multi-functionality. No need to grab different frying pans for pancaking and steaming, as one pan from Bella is enough to handle all the tasks. You can use it for frying, steaming, roasting, sauteing, and even as a serving plate.

    There is a knob that allows you to set temperature from zero to 400 degrees, as per recipe requirement. Don’t forget to check Bella electric Skillet Reviews, just if you are in a mood to explore some other unique options.

    Once cooking and serving are done, you can fully immerse this pan in water for quick cleaning while putting its tempered glass lid in the dishwasher. Its special BPA-free nonstick coating is reliable and keeps you out of any sticky business.

    • Multifunctional electric skillet
    • BPA-free healthy cooking experience
    • Removable heating probe
    • Cool-touch handles for safety
    • Dishwasher-safe lid
    • Temperature Control Doesn’t work correctly

    What to Consider When Choosing the Best Electric Skillet

    It would help if you took some time to get an idea about factors that make an electric “The Best One” for you and your family needs.


    You can find an electric skillet either made of stainless steel or cast aluminum base. Both materials are suitable, but investment in stainless steel will last longer. The major drawback of stainless steel is that its nonstick qualities aren’t as unique as you have on a cast aluminum base. Before you pick a pan, it’s good to check all about its nonstick coating. Stainless steel skillet is susceptible to scratches, while you can skip that issue with a titanium-reinforced nonstick coating.


    Another thing to look into while buying an electric skillet is their shapes. They are available in four different forms such as oval, circular, square, and rectangular. Pick one as per your cooking preference and where you will use it. When you want only to cook pancakes, square/rectangular is a good option. However,  those who need an electric skillet for deep frying or soup should buy a deep electric skillet.

    In case a skillet will also become a serving plate, go with a shape that matches your dining table. The storage space will also affect your selection; go with an oval or circular when you don’t have limited space in the kitchen. The square and rectangular shapes need more space, so they are suitable for significant kitchen needs.


    What’s the size of your family? Once you answer this question, it’s easy to find a skillet as per your daily needs. Couples can go with an 8-inch mini skillet, while a medium-size family requires a 10-12 inches skillet. When you have a big family, you need to go with a large or extra-large skillet of 12-16 inches.

    Handle and Lid

    Most electric skillets are designed with a glass lid so that a user can see through food. There won’t be any need to remove the lid and let heat escape from the pan. As the cover heats up fast, it’s better that it must have a cool-touch handle.

    Some electric skillets come with stay-warm features. Once the food is ready, it stays in the pan, and you need to serve it on the dining table after removing the heating element. In that case, comfortable to hold side handles would be more like a luxury option. Some electric skillets also come with a plastic handle that is opaque and requires the user to remove it to check food progress.

    Non-Stick Coating

    You may find out the best rated electric skillet always has a long-lasting coating. People give top reviews as they are happy about the coating surface. It would help if you bought a skillet with the best-in-class coating. An advantage of this coating is that it requires less oil quantity to cook food. Thereby, this pan is suitable for braising, slow cooking, and frying. For enhancing the shelf life of nonstick coating, never use abrasive cleaning tools like steel wool or metal scrub brushes.

    Controls and Heat Settings

    The most important factor of a professional electric skillet is its cooking element. You need to buy a pan in which the heating element distributes heats evenly. If it doesn’t happen, then some areas of the pan will have cold spots. Thereby, food won’t be cooked properly.

    As far as heat setting is concerned, you can set skillet heat as low as 200-250 degrees and as high as 400-450 degrees. Some electric skillets also offer “Keep warm” Settings so that you can keep the pan at 125-175 degrees. When it comes to controlling, mostly electric pans are designed with manual knob control. You can spend a little more on an advanced heat control system.

    Easy to Clean

    The best electric skillet is undoubtedly the one that is easy to clean. So, when you check multiple skillets, ensure to read customer reviews. The purpose is to find out what customers are saying about its cleaning. The fact is that when a skillet has an excellent nonstick coating, food won’t stick to its surface, and you can clean it within minutes. Although many best electric skillet brands permit users to wash skillets in the dishwasher yet you shouldn’t. It’s good to only hand wash a skillet for long-lasting shelf life.

    Some skillets are designed with a dishwasher-safe lid so that you can put them in the dishwasher for easier cleaning. Don’t forget to remove electrical cords and units before starting cleaning; else, you will damage the electrical parts.

     Functional Versatility

    These days, it’s easy to find the best electric skillets for pancakes. However, if you buy one that can only help you make a quick pancake, it’s not a worthy investment. The main idea is to go with a skillet that brings functional versatility. You can use it for making a variety of meals, not just fluffy pancakes.


    You can find skillets with a wide variety of weights. A 16-inch electric skillet is an extra-large size and heavyweight design, so you can’t easily tuck it in your luggage. So, when it comes to camping and traveling, go with a lightweight skillet. The benefit of keeping an electric skillet with you while traveling is that you can make your food on the go. Hence, it’s easy to save money and avoid unhealthy food.


    Are you planning to use an electric skillet quite so often? If that’s the case, always buy a high-quality one as you are in a mood for frequent use. However, when the plan is to use it casually or only at some parties or thanksgiving as an extra cooking space, you can go with a cheap electric skillet.

    Other Features

    For enjoying the best electric skillet cooking experience, you should look out for two other features.

    Steam Vent- When a lid is designed with a steam vent, you can release the steam per recipe requirement.

    Drainage spout: Sometimes, you add extra liquid and get rid of grease from the pan. In that scenario, opening up the spout and pouring liquid out is a convenient life choice.


    Keep in mind; you are going to buy an electric appliance that poses some risks. Thereby, you better check some safety features. A removable electric cord and heating element allows you to clean and store the skillet easily. Another plus point of a removable cord is that if someone accidentally trips on the cable, it doesn’t cause health danger.Cool-touch handles make the skillet safe near kids and make handling easy. Anti-slip feet assures that an accidental touch won’t drag food down. These feet are designed with heat-resistant rubber feet to offer a firm grip of the pan on surfaces.

    Bottom Line

    The best electric skillet is designed with a sturdy material, scratch-resistant glass lid, and a reliable thermostat. When it comes to its designs’ versatility, it should be light-enough to become your travel companion and functional-enough to allow you to make a variety of electric skillet recipes.

    Keep in mind that non-stick coating will chip off over time. So, it’s good to invest in a high-quality stainless steel design that would last longer than you expect it to be. After checking the best electric skillet reviews and buying guide, I’m sure you will now have a clear picture of what kind of electric skillet will best serve your family’s needs.

    Happy shopping!